Handmade toddler girls dress

  1. Choose a dress that currently fits your toddler.
  2. Lay out your cloth on the crate paper, preferably on a craft table. Smooth it so that it doesn’t have any wrinkles on either side. Make sure the bottom edges match up.
  3. Draw its perimeter by leaving 2 centimetres plus for the sewing  margins (seams).
  4. Once you got your pattern ready, you place your cloth on it and cut it creating 2 sides (front and back), then mark the 2 cm seam with your fabric pen on the fabric. (Fabric pen is washable).
  5. You add any decorative details like pockets etc. before you start sewing your dress.
  6. Lay your toddler dress fabric on the craft table, so that the 2 sides (front and back) are apart, held together by the pins at the neckline. Place the outside of the fabric down on the table.
  7. Sew around the bias tape on the inside of the fabric, leaving a 2 cm seam allowance. (You can sew your dress by following your sewing machine’s instructions which are simple and you can find on online tutorials).
  8. Attach any buttons or other details by hand-sewing, if you are using a button closure. You can attach the elastic loops by hand or with a seam on your sewing machine.

Photos and text by Efthimia P.F.