Styling is one of my favourite processes. I would always start it by a colour and a body shape analysis and I would build around it according to the personality I would have to deal with. So, when I tried to style my beautiful friend Rachel, and  after a lot of research, that twist on a simple sheath from Alexander McQueen dress ( really caught my attention. It is more suitable for baby/kids-free night though in case you are a parent. Made of bright fuchsia silk, charming cut on the bias, with an asymmetrical neckline and sleeves, it is ideal for a linear/athletic/rectangular body. It also has some cleaver seaming coming from the under arm and curving down the back. Fully lined in silk with an invisible side zipper, makes it both easy to wear and a gem of elegance.


In general, this piece is suitable for a clear winter/clear spring colour season person with a linear/athletic/rectangular body for the three following reasons:

-The fuchsia/hot pink colour belongs in the best colours of those season palettes (clear winter/clear spring).

-It is made of silk embracing a linear body and curving it.

-It highlights the feminine part of a woman in general and when accompanied with the black crochet-style necklace enriches the bust of a linear figure.

I had initially chosen a pair of black pin-earrings for the outfit too, but following Coco Chanel’s motto “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off”, I decided to leave the earrings out, before the shot.

Rachel’s «after» shot


The styling process is quite endless when one wants to reach perfectionism and to keep up with the new trends. Still should never be that tiring as “The journey, not the destination matters…” (T.S. Eliot).

By Efthimia P.F.