It is one of those mornings that you wake up and feel lucky you are healthy and well despite all the stress that might be around you.

You feel grateful! For yourself, your family, your friends, all your loved ones!

Well done! That’s how you should feel!

That’s how I felt this morning! Grateful, although going through my last difficult days of pregnancy-almost there to give birth!

I just felt like thanking Sandy Leulier- Expert in dance techniques, yoga, anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, sport, perinea and maternity ( for all her amazing help and support during my prenatal classes (and postnatal ones to come), as well as Jilly Blankenship-Qualified Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Registered Nurse-MPH, RN, IBCLC ( for her amazing advice to get me prepared as a mom providing a free survival kit and a very affordable «21 Days to Peace & Quiet» kit.

Although i’m expecting my second baby, I feel like each time is different, and no matter how experienced you are as a mum, getting the right support is always a present for yourself.

I feel confident that I always choose the best professionals who never let me down!

I would highly recommend both Sandy and Jilly, each one on her own field, to all my followers-mothers or want to be mothers- so that they can go through pregnancy and early motherhood with way less stress!

By Efthimia P.F.